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The Upper Kennebec Valley has thousands of acres to hunt for the elusive white tailed deer.  You can find an area to hunt where you may not see another person while enjoying a great hunt for one of Maine's premier big game animals.  As an added bonus, this area usually receives a good tracking snow during deer season for those people who enjoy the art of still hunting the white tailed deer.




This is big buck country where deer are taken in the 200 lb. range every year.  The habitat in the Upper Kennebec Valley can be harsh, especially during the winter, so only the strongest deer survive from year to year.  If you are lucky enough to harvest one of these hearty white tailed deer then you have truly harvested a trophy.


Gateway Recreation and Lodging is located within hunting distance of 4 Wildlife Management Districts (8,13,14,17).  Check your law book or the IF&W homepage concerning Wildlife Management Districts in Maine.  As usual we can answer any questions that you may have concerning deer hunting the Upper Kennebec Valley.


2005 Deer Hunting Seasons

Archery                 Sept. 29 - Oct. 28

Firearms                Oct. 31 - Nov. 26

ME Residents only        Oct. 29

Muzzleloader        Nov. 28 - Dec. 3 (Statewide)

                                Dec. 5 - Dec. 10   (WMD 13 & 17)


Limit:        One deer per year

Deer must have antlers at least 3 inches long between Oct. 29 and Dec. 10  unless you possess an any deer permit.

Any deer Permit application period: mid June to August 1


Visit the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife home page for additional information concerning hunting laws, license fees, and Permit Applications.  




     A great site for whitetail deer info.




If you would like to use the services of a Maine Guide then we can arrange this at Gateway Recreation and Lodging.  Click on the emblem to meet our guides.






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