Bear Hunting


The Upper Kennebec Valley has a healthy bear population which roam the thousands of acres of accessible woodlands.  Bears can be found feeding on any of the hardwood ridges which dot the area.  Beechnuts, acorns, wild berries and apples, hardwood buds, and insects are very abundant feed sources for the bears in our area.  While most bears are harvested using bait or dogs many are taken every year by hunting over known feed sources.  

Through our partner at Kennebec Valley Guide Service we now offer guided bear hunts over bait.  Come experience the excitement of a quality bear hunt.


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Black Bear shot September 2001

 2005 Season info

General Hunting Season

Aug. 29 - Nov. 26

Hunting with Bait *

Aug. 29 - Sept. 24

Hunting with Dogs *

Sept. 12 - Oct. 28

*    Bear permit required (resident $28; nonresident $68) as well as valid hunting license.




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