Brook Trout



The brook trout fishing continues to get better in the Upper Kennebec Valley of Maine.  Special regulations on many of the areas ponds mean the presence of more and larger brook trout.  Logging roads provide easy access to numerous ponds that until recently were accessible only by hiking.  These ponds are located throughout the area and most are within driving distance from Gateway Recreation and Lodging.    If you are the adventurous type there are even some ponds which require a hike and see very little fishing pressure.  You can spend an evening on most of these ponds and not see another fisherman.


During your stay in the Upper Kennebec Valley we can guide you to many of the areas fine flyfishing only ponds.  On a quite evening you can expect to see numerous fish rising to the plentiful insect hatches that occur on these ponds.  When July rolls around the area experiences the Drake hatch where hundreds of green drakes will rise to the surface to be gobbled up by the hungry trout.  You can experience excellent fishing during one of these hatches.  During these hatches the water temperature of many small ponds is in the 70 degree range.  It is essential that you play the fish quickly and release as gently as possible to ensure survival of these beautiful trout.



Brook trout fishing in the Upper Kennebec Valley is more than catching fish.  The sights of the Maine wilderness can be experienced during every trip.  While fishing you can be serenaded by the lonesome howl of coyotes or by the cry of the loons which may be swimming around your boat looking for an easy meal.  Moose may wander into the pond for a morning or evening swim.  Otters may come to the shore just to play.  The sunrises and sunsets on many of the small ponds will take your breath away.


With all of the sights, sounds, and brook trout fishing opportunities in the Upper Kennebec Valley; is there any reason not to come experience it for yourself?


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